ZotMeal 2 is revolutionizing the dining experience for UCI students on campus. Featuring detailed nutrition information, a smart restaurant status indicator, an intuitive calendar/schedule, pricing and location information, ZotMeal 2 is the go-to app for UCI students seeking a convenient and informed dining experience. As the team leader, I brought together 5 talented students to develop and publish ZotMeal 2 on the App Store.


1. Get Detailed Nutrition Info

2. Search Food You Don't Know

3. Get Dining Hall Schedule

4. Get Dining Hall Price

5. Get Dining Hall Location

6. Dark Mode Compatible


  • Programming Language: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Python (Backend)
  • Libraries: SwiftUI (iOS), MapKit (iOS)
  • Backend Host: Vercel.app

API Access

Delivery Points

In the News

UCI Students Launch the ZotMeal App - New University


  • Shengyuan Lu: iOS
  • Eric Pedley: Backend
  • Brian Vo: Backend
  • Tony Liu: Android
  • Justin Yue: Android
  • Kaiyuan Hu: Backend