TOEFL Speaking Helper



TOEFL Speaking Helper is an all-in-one tool designed to help TOEFL test takers achieve their best score in the speaking section. With the time constraints of the TOEFL speaking section, it can be easy for test takers to feel rushed during the exam. This app offers a solution by allowing users to practice pacing themselves effectively, building confidence and readiness for the real test day.


1. Prepare: 15s/20s/30s preparation timer based on different tasks.

2. Speak & Record: 45s/60s speaking timer based on different tasks. Speak while recording.

3. Replay & Share: Replay recordings in-app. Share them with other app, or use Airdrop.

4. Prepare Mode Switch

5. Task Instruction: Real task instructions with voice annoucement.

6. Dark Mode: Practice TOEFL speaking at night with dark mode.

7. Multi-Language Support: TOEFL Speaking Helper supports English, S Chinese, and T Chinese localizations.


  • Programming Language: Swift
  • Libraries: SwiftUI, AVFoundation